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If you or a loved one has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) you need a Modesto DUI Lawyer to protect you and be in your corner. If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you are probably scared and have lots of questions. The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation is here to answer those questions and try to ease your nerves about this event. Successful defense of a DUI begins with getting an attorney to work on your side.

Aggressive Modesto DUI Defense

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Our office aggressively defends DUI charges in Modesto and surrounding areas and protects you from the heavy hand of the government. DUI prosecutions are a financial windfall for Stanislaus County and the State of California. DUI’s are therefore financially and politically motivated. In California, substantial revenues are garnered from DUI prosecution. When the State relies upon funding from DUI prosecutions, there are times when innocent people get tangled into the DUI prosecution net in order to feed the beast.

Local Modesto DUI Attorney Tai C. Bogan fights DUI cases in Modesto and all of Stanislaus County, California.

Attorneys With The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation:

  • Have Fought over 1,000 DUI cases in California
  • Defends alcohol or drug DUI charges
  • Will represent you at the DMV hearing to try to save your license
  • Fights illegal drug DUI’s, possession, and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Modesto DUI attorney Tai C. Bogan knows that being arrested does not mean guilt. He will speak to you about your case and develop a strategy to best defend you in your case.

The good news is that just because you may have tested at or above a .08 percent alcohol content, you can still win your case. The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation will do a thorough review of your DUI case. For example, here are some of the things that Mr. Bogan will focus on when fighting your DUI case.

  • Did the police have a reason to pull you over?
  • Was the driving conduct consistent with a sober person?
  • Was the BAC below a .08 at the time of driving but rose after being pulled over? (science)
  • Where there any problems with the testing equipment?
  • Where proper protocols followed in obtaining blood?
  • Did the police first obtain a WARRANT before they took your bodily fluids?

Consequences Of A DUI

DUI’s are serious and a conviction can lead to long term consequences. It is important you consult with an attorney to decide how to fight the charges against you. Time is of the essence and trying to forget about the DUI will not make it go away. You should contact Stanislaus County DUI Lawyer, Tai C. Bogan, right away.

Driver License Suspension

Both the Court and California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) wants to suspend your driver’s license. That license suspension depends on the number of prior DUI’s, whether the DUI is a misdemeanor of felony, and age of the person facing the DUI. Modesto DUI Attorneys at The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation can fight to prevent your license from being suspended. License suspension can be for as little as 4 months and as much as several years.

Modesto DMV Suspension Hearing

If you do not request a DMV hearing within 10 days of being arrested for DUI, then the DMV will suspend your driver license 30 days after your arrest. Requesting a DMV hearing puts that suspension on hold and if you win your DMV hearing, the DMV will not suspend your driver license in 30 days.

Jail or Prison

DUI Convictions result in jail or prison time. The less serious DUI’s will result in some jail time which can be converted to house arrest, work project, or another alternative to jail under certain circumstances. More serious DUI’s including felony DUI’s can result in actual jail or prison time. A Modesto DUI Lawyer with The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation can fight to keep you out of jail or prison if the case cannot be dismissed or won at trial.


Fines can add up quickly in Stanislaus County. A conviction for a DUI will result in around $2,000 in fines and fees.

Loss of Job or Career

Many people will lose their job or career with a DUI conviction. This is particularly true with multiple DUI convictions or a felony DUI conviction. Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and other professionals can lose state issued professional license. The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation fights to help professionals fight their DUI so it won’t affect their careers.

Standard California DUI Laws

There are several different offenses that make up a standard DUI crime in California. The law essentially makes it illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both.

Cal Vehicle Code § 23152(a) While under the influence of alcohol.

Cal Vehicle Code § 23152(b) With a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08 Percent or Higher

Cal Vehicle Code § 23152(c) While addicted to drugs (Rarely if ever charged)

Cal Vehicle Code § 23152(d) With a BAC of .04 while operating a commercial vehicle.

Cal Vehicle Code § 23152(e) While under the influence of drugs

Cal Vehicle Code § 23152(f) While under the influence of a combination of drugs and alcohol

Felony California DUI Laws

A DUI resulting in injury or death can be more aggravated and charged as a felony. A DUI resulting in injury can be charged as a felony under Cal Vehicle Code § 23153(a) and 23153(b) . Death resulting from a DUI where the driver has a prior DUI can be charged as murder in California, and is charged as such all the time.

Contact DUI Lawyers With The Bogan Law Firm, A Professional Corporation

Call a Modesto DUI attorney at the Bogan Law Firm directly at 209-56-LEGAL or 209-565-3425. Also call the DMV to keep your driver license. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you should contact our Modesto office today.

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OUTSTANDING! Responsive! Responsible! Committed! Professional! Credible! The BEST! No one can compare! I am still amazed and thankful at how well Tai did in representing my loved ones. I highly recommend Tai to everyone!

Mike M.

When things looked like there was no way out Tie came and made everything go away. When it seemed like I was one step in prison with all my 7 criminal charges, Tai found a way to show my innocence in trial. Can't thank him enough. Best lawyer in the county of San Joaquin.

Edwin H.

Thank you Tai for all the efforts you and all your team staff dedicated to my case. If anyone is seeking for a lawyer who will fight for you and dedicate their time - Tai is the one all you need.... You are the best lawyer!!!


The Tai Bogan Law Firm is a solid and dedicated group of Professionals who Passionate about what they do. They are relentless in achieving the very best out come for their clients... I highly recommend you speak to Tai before yo go anywhere else...

Tony C.

Thank you for helping me close a chapter in my life that has been hanging over my head for years. I now have a clean start to a new chapter. Thank you so much for helping me expunge my record so quickly and painfree...no headach or worries. You are awesome!

Dannaka D.
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